Emma Sudo’ 23

I am primarily interested in robotics and marine engineering. I love reading and writing about everything from humanoid robots to hydrogen fuel cells. In my free time, I enjoy building autonomous underwater vehicles and soapbox cars. My favorite place in the world is the beach which inspired my fascination for all things relating to the ocean.

Emma Wilmot’ 24

Hi, I’m Emma. I love math, physics, and visual arts. My favorite free-time activities are reading physics textbooks or painting in the studio. I also enjoy late-night bike rides and skating down Main Street while blasting music (tv soundtracks are my favorite).

Max Peh’ 24

I’ve always enjoyed learning about physics and computer science. In particular, I’m interested in the way are growing computational capabilities can help us understand human history such as deciphering ancient texts from the Middle East, the birthplace of ancient civilization. In my free time, I also like listening to music and playing tennis with my friends

Julia Zhao’24

I am interested in chemistry and physical chemistry. I am taking a physics class this year in which we design labs with a set goal ourselves, and that was an enjoyable experience for me. Moreover, learning about science offers me a way to view daily phenomena differently. In my free time, I enjoy playing the flute and the piccolo, which is one of the instruments in orchestra with the highest frequencies.

Isabelle Schwartz’24

I am interested in community service, philosophy, and the biomedical sciences. I enjoy reading about a variety of topics, swimming, playing waterpolo, and working with my nonprofit, Foundation Beauty. Some of my favorite books and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. One piece of recent scientific technology that is particularly interesting to me is Organ-on-a-chip for use in research.

Rich Zhou’26

I am interested in but not skillful at chemistry and biology, and I am (relatively more) skillful at but not interested in math. I do the slightest bit of computer science. I also enjoy thinking about social issues, so you may see me writing about, for example, the ethical concerns of AI technology.

Sunshine Chen’23

You can imply from my name that I’m pretty sunny (most of the times?). Anyways, I try to know a bit of everything, but that doesn’t always work out :))