Waree Sethapun ’20

I am someone that likes simplicity and the process of achieving it. Science is the act of breaking complex phenomena down into manageable components that clarifies understanding. To truly understand something is to embrace confusion and to find a way out of it. I would say I prefer taking things apart than building them, such as observing an event then trying to explain in it.

William Abou-Rjaili’22

I am interested in physics, computer science, mathematics, and engineering.

Irvin Li ’20

I’m an epic gamer

Ben Chen ’21

I’m rather effervescent at times and mellow during others, and in general, I’m a mix of both of those extremes. I also love building things in the iLab, because it’s truly enjoyable to be able to craft things with your own hands and be able to call it your own when you finish.

Michelle Zimmermann ’21

I’m really interested on the intersection of science and art, such as the works of Leonardo DaVinci. Although these are generally viewed as two completely different things, I think that both disciplines can benefit from some of the qualities of the other. Architecture is a great example of this, as well as beautiful cars or motorcycles.

Ellia Chiang ’21

I am creative, passionate, kind and adventurous. I enjoy reading a variety of literature, spending time with family and friends, and playing sports. I am interested in both biology and chemistry in regards to their applications in technology and healthcare as well.

Angela Yue Cui ’21

Math. Music. New York Times Mini Crossword. Coffee.

Chad Ho ’22

The wittiest person in a room, but not necessarily the wisest. Medical sciences and chemistry are my interest. In between writing articles, I like to go on long walks on the beach and cook breakfast foods.

Gale Gai ’22

A passionate student who plays the violin and is very interested in design and engineering.

Stephen Cooley’23

I like to consider myself as an engineer – I like building and designing things, especially if something has to do with robotics. I am a Lego fanatic and a 3D printing enthusiast, too. I also love to read, with most of my reading focusing on news and science books.

Sunshine Chen ’23

You can imply from my name that I’m pretty sunny (most of the times?). Anyways, I try to know a bit of everything, but that doesn’t always work out :))

Shangyi Zhu ’20

I try to balance my lifestyle in both passionate and rational ways. I enjoy watching my pet turtle wadding in its pond for hours or arguing with a bunch of people about weirdly soft boiled eggs. Either way, I grapple onto science by maintaining a curiosity for observation and logic deductions. For me, it really doesn’t cost much to be neurotic sometimes, because freeing my mental state allows me to see things out of the box.