Rosnel Leyva ’22

My main interests regarding the science fields are Computer Science, pure mathematics, as well as physics. All of the sciences are woven in the language of mathematics, i.e. the language of the universe and is thus the basis for our reality. Understanding these laws, in my opinion, allows humanity to understand the universe.

Eszter Kun ’22

I am interested in physics, computer science, mathematics, and engineering.

Weiqi Gong ’23

I am a solid person who likes to play with physics, tech, computer science, and design. Also a so-called philosophical thinker.

Sunshine Chen ’23

You can imply from my name that I’m pretty sunny (most of the times?). Anyways, I try to know a bit of everything, but that doesn’t always work out :))

Alice Xiao ’23

I am Alice. I LOVE ACGN and I’m trying to get better on them. I also like science and computer science. And I try to be humorous 🙂