Madeline Lee ’20

When I was little I used to play with snails in the back garden at our school. I even took some home and kept them for a while and learned how to take care of them (some water, leaves, and fresh air). I never truly loved any of my science classes until I came to Deerfield, but thanks to science, I now have a better appreciation of how the world works.

Alice Xiao ’23

I am Alice. I LOVE ACGN and I’m trying to get better on them. I also like science and computer science. And I try to be humorous 🙂

Angela Yue Cui ’21

Math. Music. New York Times Mini Crossword. Coffee.

Shangyi Zhu ’20

I try to balance my lifestyle in both passionate and rational ways. I enjoy watching my pet turtle wadding in its pond for hours or arguing with a bunch of people about weirdly soft boiled eggs. Either way, I grapple onto science by maintaining a curiosity for observation and logic deductions. For me, it really doesn’t cost much to be neurotic sometimes, because freeing my mental state allows me to see things out of the box.

Sunshine Chen ’23

I gave myself the name “Sunshine” because it was my favorite new word at the age of 4. I wouldn’t only define myself as a STEM or humanities person; I’m a mixture of both. Explaining natural phenomena and figuring how things work has always appealed to me.