Editor in Chief

Shangyi Zhu ’20

I try to balance my lifestyle in both passionate and rational ways. I enjoy watching my pet turtle wadding in its pond for hours or arguing with a bunch of people about weirdly soft boiled eggs. Either way, I grapple onto science by maintaining a curiosity for observation and logic deductions. For me, it really doesn’t cost much to be neurotic sometimes, because freeing my mental state allows me to see things out of the box.

Editor in Chief

Talia Rajasekar ’21

I’ve always harbored a love for anatomy and the workings of the body. I also am passionate about visual arts and writing, and so I often combine these interests to present anatomy through creative means.

IT Chief Manager

Rosnel Leyva ’22

My main interests regarding the science fields are Computer Science, pure mathematics, as well as physics. All of the sciences are woven in the language of mathematics, i.e. the language of the universe and is thus the basis for our reality. Understanding these laws, in my opinion, allows humanity to understand the universe.